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Announcement : "POODLE" Vulnerability Information

A vulnerability known as "POODLE" has been discovered on the SSL3 (Secure Sockets Layer v3) used by old versions of web browsers. SSL is used to establish an encrypted link between a website and a web browser to keep the customer's credentials and transactions secure. With the "POODLE" vulnerability present on SSL3, an attacker may be able to take control of the customer's SSL channel which will then allow him to steal secret information such as login details and other transactions if any.

How can you protect yourself from this?
EBHUB website also have layered security controls such as 2FA, OTP, that keep online transactions secure. For added security, we will also discontinue support for the now insecure SSL3 encryption protocol. This means that Great Eastern online EBHUB website will no longer be accessible by older version browsers. Example: Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP.